Blow Molding and Machine Controls


 311S2 Parison Programmer

At Hunkar Laboratories, our focus is to detect and eliminate potential process problems before bad parts can be produced. Hunkar designs and builds a wide variety of blow molding controls, sensors and transducers, valves, to enhance virtually every plastics molding process.

Hunkar continues to aggressively and efficiently support the blow molding industry with its 311 Series 2 parison programmer. The 311 programmer’s modular design is engineered to support continuous extrusion, reciprocating screw, accumulator and position based wheel machines.

Hunkar Series 311

The 311 Is Back And Better Than Before

  • Increase your profitability and competitiveness
  • Reduce container weight and material to save you money
  • 64-point programming with easy to set vivid profile display
  • Rugged modular design for maximum application flexibility
  • May be adapted to continuous extrusion, reciprocating screw, accumulator, and position-based wheel machines

Reduce Weight And Scrap

  • Material reduction up to 10% is common
  • Delivers uniform wall thickness through precision profile control

Average Payback Is Within 4 Months

  • Supplied standard with 1 weight control module
  • Up to 4-head control is available
  • Direct replacement for older 311 & 320 systems

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